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Conformation and Obedience Shows

May 12, 13, 14, 15, 2022

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AKC Obedience and Rally competitions are fun and challenging venues to showcase the teamwork that can be developed between dog and handler.  AKC offers Obedience classes for all skill levels, allowing a gradual progression from Beginner Novice up through the Utility Level.  Non-regular classes like Versatility offer dog-handler teams a chance to use skills from all class levels in one event, while the new alternate track Preferred classes allow teams to show at the Novice, Open, and Utility levels without performing the Group Stay exercises.  Rally is a fun hybrid obedience class that challenges teams to perform a wide array of maneuvers laid out in a numbered course.  Competitors new to Obedience and Rally should check out the AKC website for complete rules, class descriptions and information on training your canine friend to compete in these fun and rewarding events!  Find complete information at:

Klamath Dog Fanciers takes every effort to offer a quality venue for our Obedience and Rally trials.  Our trials are open to all AKC registered pure-bred and mixed breed dogs.  Competitors will find fully baby-gated rings, a well prepared dirt surface, ample crating space, and a practice ring for warm-up before you show!  Our Obedience and Rally rings are located on the North end of the Event Center, with the Conformation rings on the South end, so distractions are kept to a minimum.  We think our venue is optimal for obedience and rally competitors of all experience levels.  We hope you will consider coming to Klamath Falls for a quality show experience!


2015 High in Trial Kathy & Sky
2015 High in Trial
Kathy & Sky

Obedience trainer, JoAnne Carson, says, “People often ask how long it takes to train a dog for obedience classes. It usually takes  six months to get ready for Novice. Another six months to get a nice Open dog. Another six to twelve months to get a Utility dog. By two to three years your dog could be through all his obedience titles, training regularly for twenty minutes a day.

Classes that may be offered at our trials:

Beginner Novice A & B
Novice A & B
Graduate Novice
Open A & B
Graduate Open
Pre Utility
Utility A & B
Team Obedience

Rally Novice A & B
Rally Advanced A & B
Rally Excellent A & B